Jul 15, 2023

In economic theory, a barrier to entry is a cost that must be incurred to enter a market.

In the luxury goods and services sector, there is normally a barrier to entry for the consumer to access certain goods, and those barriers can come in a variety of forms.

Location can be a barrier of entry: Amangiri is a luxurious retreat destination, but it is located in the remote desert of Utah.

The barrier could be price: An African safari at the prestigious Singita Lebombo, where I had the privilege to stay during my recent travels to South Africa, will cost multiple thousands of dollars a night per person to see a glimpse of the Big Five in 5-star accommodations.

Social connection or social capital can also be a barrier: Augusta National is an invitation-only country club, so without the social connection, even someone with the financial ability to pay the membership fee will be turned away.

Similarly, seeing a luxury companion is a privilege that is not available to everyone, and there is equivalent barrier to entry to partake in this privilege: Screening.

In the Companion Twitter world it is common to hear ladies lament about potential clients who decline to complete the screening process to schedule. The objections from these men range from already being verified on certain hobbyist boards, to needing to be discreet because of work or family commitments.

Fortunately for those men, there are choices as there are escorts who do not require screening. But ladies who do not require screening usually do so out of NEED, not by choice. Survival sex workers NEED to schedule clients in order to pay for their immediate expenses. Creating a barrier for a client could mean not eating or eviction or having to stay in an abusive living situation.

The inherent stress involved in survival sex work will guarantee that the experience a man will have with a survival worker will not be to the level of the experience a gentleman can expect with a luxury companion who does not have to deal with those day-to-day stresses, and can in turn provide a professional and pleasureable experience.

In the news, it has been reported that a man in the Long Island area is suspected of killing 10-18 women, 4 of whom were sex workers. Though there is no way to know if these women had the opportunity to screen, the reality is that there are people who view women in my industry as disposable.

As a luxury companion, I have the privilege to value my safety and time more than any amount of money, so for those who do not feel comfortable screening, I simply deny access. Their position to not screen informs me that they view me, my safety, and comfort as beneath them.

For those men who fear being “outed” by providing real world screening information, the questions is always why would a successful, luxury companion such as myself, risk the integrity of my brand to expose a client? What benefit does this bring me?

Yes, not every encounter will produce the intoxicating chemistry that can be had with a gentleman with whom you connect with, but as a luxury companion, I can simply choose to never see that gentleman again, because I know that focusing on those who I do mesh best with will gain me loyal fans, repeat visits, and varied experiences with the gentleman I enjoy spending time with.

Ultimately, companions just want to feel safe and have an understanding that the gentleman who want to spend time with us can respect our needs and boundaries, so we can have a wonderful time together, but BOTH go back to our families emotionally and physically unharmed.

So the biggest barrier to entry to spending time with a luxury companion is being a gentleman.

A Gentleman will gladly screen because a gentleman recognizes that in order to have a memorable, quality experience with a luxury companion, he will have to give a little (i.e. screening information, respect and comfort), in order to get a mind-blowing, intoxicating, and unforgettable experiences in return.

If you, my dear Gentleman, are ready to indulge in an intoxicating interlude, reach out to me with your information so we can plan our delectable dalliance.