Dec 6, 2021

Many times when people think of a gentleman hiring a companion, the first assumption is that a man will see a companion to fulfill a physical need. Yes, there are men who have a high libido, and maybe the libido of their primary partner (i.e. wife, fiancé, girlfriend) does not match his, so he may contact a companion to fill that physical void. Unfortunately, when the focus of any interaction is primarily physical intimacy, the outcome can be an empty experience.

I like to think of an experience like this – one that focuses solely on the physical – somewhat like cotton-candy: It is super sweet in the moment, but it fades quickly, and does not add much value.

Intimacy is a core human need, but in our time of instant gratification, in a world of Tinder swiping and same-day Amazon delivery, we forget the beauty that exists in taking our time to be present in the moment to really experience true fulfilling intimacy. To speak and be heard. To have someone listen, and to be seen and appreciated for who you truly are at your core is a priceless gift.

When we don’t feel appreciated or don’t feel we are a priority in the lives of those we love, we can be misled to think that fulfilling a physical need will also fulfill our emotional needs. But our intimacy needs are much deeper than physical.

Intimacy should be a full meal that nourishes every corner of our being and keeps us emotionally satiated to give our best in our day-to-day life. The empty calories of the physical rarely fill that need. If anything, it makes our emotional voids that much more apparent.

I believe men contact companions not only because they are lacking physical intimacy, but because they lack significant emotional intimacy in their lives.

I encourage multi-hour engagements because I want my suitors to have a holistic experience. The goal of our time together is to fill ALL intimacy voids, not just the physical one. For that to happen, there must be time to experience all four types of intimacy: emotional, intellectual, experiential, and spiritual.

Emotional intimacy is probably one level of intimacy one wouldn’t expect in a companion-suitor interaction. I admit that it is not easy to have this level of experience with everyone. Some men may not want to get that vulnerable to experience a connection on that level, and that is ok. But when it can be captured, the experience is completely unforgettable, and is a bespoke moment of pure bliss. There is a lasting feeling of content and connection with the forgotten parts of yourself that can spark creativity and provide you with the clarity and focus you have been lacking.

So how do you capture this bliss during our meeting?

Maybe there is something you would like to experience or experiment with that you wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing within the confines of your primary relationship. Maybe you fear being judged or having your interests and ideas ridiculed and rejected and want to be in a space where you are accepted. Maybe you are tired of feeling unappreciated and want to be with someone who can re-ignite your feelings of worthiness. Maybe you just want to air a frustration that you know no one in your personal life would appreciate.

No matter what the reason may be, your time with me is a safe space and judgement-free zone where you can openly express your thoughts and desires. Emotional intimacy with me is being in a space where you can be uninhibited, and safe to be seen and understood. Over time, we establish a trust that opens us up to event deeper levels of intimacy, and even greater fulfillment. You will find that you will be more focused, more productive, and even more confident. That is the space and experience that I can provide for you. All you have to do is contact me.